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This website does not retain or store any payment-sensitive information, such as credit card or debit card data and all payment processing is securely managed through the sbiepay payment gateway.

Please read and accept the Refund Policy


Refund Policy
  1. Before making the payment, please ensure the correctness of the amount, eligibility, purpose, and proper head of the account for which the payment is initiated. Once paid, no amount is refunded.
  2. Cancellation is not permitted in case of registration fees paid in advance for seminars, conferences, workshops, etc. No chargeback request will be entertained.
  3. While paying fees through the payment gateway, if the amount is debited from your Bank Account/Debit or Credit Card, but an e-receipt was not generated for technical reasons, please do not pay again immediately. Wait for three days to reflect it in the University's account, or it may return to your bank account/source of payment account.
  4. Report such incidents to your Bank Branch and cross-check your account statement to ensure whether it is debited. If there are any issues, please approach your Bank Branch and send a copy of the email to or Call 040-23132209 with all the details, including your contact number and for the purpose for which you have initiated the payment.
  5. Please contact your home bank branch in case of any discrepancy about failed / incomplete transactions
  6. Based on your request for a refund, for any reason, it will be dealt with as per the University's policy. If you are eligible to get the refund, the refund will be initiated after confirmation from the various departments and our bank. It may take quite some time, so be patient to get the refund.
  7. The refund will be made through the original mode of payment – for example, if you made payment through a credit card, the refund will be made to your credit card only.
  8. Please make the payment before the due date applicable, if any. The University will not be responsible for any delay in the process of payment.